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Brecht Plays 8 The Antigone of Sophocles; The :(布莱希特戏剧8索福克勒斯的《安提戈涅;).PDF 239页

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Brecht Plays 8 The Antigone of Sophocles; The :(布莱希特戏剧8索福克勒斯的《安提戈涅;)
Bertolt Brecht Collected Plays: Eight The Antigone of Sophocles, The Days of the Commune, Turandot or The Whitewashers’ Congress Volume Eight of Brecht’s Collected Plays contains his last completed plays, from the eight years between his return from America to Europe after the war and his death in 1956. Brecht devoted his energies at this time to the establishment of a new, post-fascist literature and theatre. He founded the Berliner Ensemble with his wife, Helene Weigel, and created models of production practice for future generations. Brecht’s Antigone (1948) is a bold adaptation of H?lderlin’s classic German translation of Sophocles’ play. A reflection on resistance and dictatorship in the aftermath of Nazism, it was also a radical new experiment in epic theatre. The play was first staged in Switzerland, in collaboration with associates from the pre-Nazi years and the production formed the basis for Brecht’s first Model-Book. The Days of the Commune, a semi-documentary account of the Paris Commune of 1871, was originally planned to be the first production by the new Berliner Ensemble in 1949. Partly for political reasons, it was not in fact premièred until after Brecht’s death. His most serious and ambitious historical play, it sticks closely to the historical sources; ideologically, it is an exercise in thinking beyond defeat. In Turandot or the Whitewashers’ Congress, Brecht returned to a long-running plan to write a grand satire of the bourgeois intellectual class. He developed a bizarre comic variation on the old Turandot story, dressed up as a farcical review of the flailing left-wing intelligentsia of the Weimar Republic, the Nazi bureaucracy, the ineffectual anti-fascist exiles, and the calcified civil service of the young GDR. It was his last completed play. The plays are accompanied by an introduction and notes by Tom Kuhn and David Constantine, including variants and relevant texts by Brecht. Bertolt Brecht was born in Augsburg on 10 February 1898 and d


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