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    写作复习资料第一部分:小作文重点真题练习2011英语二 祝贺及建议Directions: Suppose your cousin Li Ming has just been admitted to a university. Write him/her a letter to 1 ) congratulate him/her, and 2)give him/her suggestions on how to get prepared for university life.Dear Li Ming, I' m writing the letter for the purpose of conveying my heartfelt congratulations to you on your success in passing the entrance examination. And I' d like to make some suggestions on your forthcoming university life. To begin with, it' s advisable for you to be equipped with computer skills, considering that we' re now in a high - tech age. Besides, I would recommend that you continue studying English in your spare time, which will lay a solid foundation for your future study abroad. Lastly, emphasis should be given to communication skills as well as academic achievements. I genuinely hope that you' 11 take my advice into consideration. Wish you a splendid university life. Yours sincerely,Zhang Wei2007英语一 建议Directions: Write a letter to your university library, making suggestions for improving its service.Dear Sir or Madam, As a freshman in our university, I do appreciate the valuable service provided in the library where I spend most of my spare time. To further improve the studying conditions there, I would like to put forward some practical suggestions. Firstly, there is an urgent need for more powerful computers which would greatly facilitate our information search and learning. Secondly, the library should purchase more books published recently, for the outdated materials are of little value to students' study and research. Lastly, as we wish to borrow books on Saturdays as well, I wonder if it is possible to adjust the opening time. I will be more than happy to see improvements in these regards.Sincerely yours,Li Ming2009英语一 建议Directions: Restrictions on the use of plastic bags have not been so successful in some regions. "White Pollution" is still going on. Write a letter to the editor(s) of your local newspa


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