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Discrete quasiperiodic sets with predefined covering cluster
a r X i v : m a t h - p h / 0 5 0 5 0 0 5 v 2 1 7 J u l 2 0 0 5 Discrete quasiperiodic sets with predefined covering cluster N. COTFAS Faculty of Physics, University of Bucharest, E-mail: ncotfas@ Some of the most remarkable tilings and discrete quasiperiodic sets used in quasicrystal physics can be obtained by using strip projection method in a superspace of dimension four, five or six, and the projection of a unit hypercube as a window of selection. We present some mathematical results which allow one to use this very elegant method in superspaces of dimension much higher, and to generate discrete quasiperiodic sets with a more complicated local structure by starting from the corresponding covering cluster. Hundreds of points of these sets can be obtained in only a few minutes by using our computer programs. Keywords: Strip projection method; quasiperiodic point set; covering cluster. 1. Introduction Quasicrystals are materials with perfect long-range order, but with no three- dimensional translational periodicity. The discovery of these solids in the early 1980’s and the challenge to describe their structure led to a great interest in discrete quasiperiodic sets and their coverings ([9] and references therein). The diffraction image of a quasicrystal often contains a set of sharp Bragg peaks invariant under a finite non-crystallographic group of symmetriesG, called the symmetry group of quasicrystal (in reciprocal space). In the case of qua- sicrystals with no translational periodicity this group is the icosahedral group Y and in the case of quasicrystals periodic along one direction (two-dimensional quasicrystals) G is one of the dihedral groups D8 (octagonal quasicrystals), D10 (decagonal quasicrystals) and D12 (dodecagonal quasicrystals). Real struc- ture information obtained by high resolution transmission electron microscopy suggests us that a quasicrystal with symmetry group G can be regarded as a quasiperiodic packing of copies of a well-defined G-inv


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