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Discretized opinion dynamics of Deffuant on scale-free networks
a r X i v : c o n d - m a t / 0 3 1 0 2 4 3 v 2 [ c o n d - m a t .s t a t - m e c h ] 3 0 M a r 2 0 0 4 Discretized opinion dynamics of Deffuant model on scale-free networks D. Stauffer1, A.O. Sousa2 and C. Schulze1 1 Institute for Theoretical Physics, Cologne University D-50923 Ko?ln, Euroland 2Institute for Computer Applications 1 (ICA1), University of Stuttgart Pfaffenwaldring 27, D-70569 Stuttgart, Euroland e-mails: stauffer@thp.uni-koeln.de, sousa@ica1.uni-stuttgart.de Abstract The consensus model of Deffuant et al is simplified by allowing for many discrete instead of infinitely many continuous opinions, on a directed Baraba?si-Albert network. A simple scaling law is observed. We then introduce noise and also use a more realistic network and compare the results. Finally, we look at a multi-layer model representing various age levels, and we include advertising effects. Keywords: Monte Carlo, sociophysics, consensus. 1 Introduction Computer simulation of opinion dynamics (consensus models) (Axelrod 1997; Deffuant 2000; Deffuant 2002; Weisbuch 2002; Hegselmann 2002; Hegselmann 2004; Krause 1997; Sznajd- Weron 2000; Stauffer 2000; Stauffer 2002; Galam 1990; Galam 1997; Stauffer 2003) is an important part of sociophysics (Weidlich 2000; Moss de Oliveira 1999; Schweitzer 2003). One checks if, starting from a random distribution of opinions (Monte Carlo method), one ends up with a consensus or a diversity of final opinions. The simulated people (”agents”) are located on lattices, on scale-free networks (Albert 2002; Baraba?si 2002), or form a purely topological structure where everybody can be connected with everybody. For the particular case of the consensus model of Deffuant et al (Deffuant 2000; Deffuant 2002; Weisbuch 2002), it was shown that on a Baraba?si-Albert (BA) network (Stauffer 2004) (see also Weisbuch 2004) the number S of different surviving opinions (if no complete consensus was achieved) was an extensive quantity, i.e. it varied proportiona


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