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2011年GMDSS理论考试《英语阅读》综合练习 ? 1.Utopia asked for tug assistance because she (? ) A.run around B.is running aground C.was aground D.is aground 答案:C 2.Maritime safety Information(? )MSI. A.short for B.abbreviated to C.referred as D.shorten to 答案:B 3.Warnings are transmitted at specified times and remain in force(? )the information is valid. A.so long as B.as long as C.until D.unless 答案:B 4.The present INMARSAT system(? ) geostationary satellites positioned above the Atlantic Ocean. A.use B.ignores C.considers D.utilizes 答案:D 5.Distress and safety communication(? ) DSC calling will be performed by radiotelephony by or narrowband direct-printing or both. A.follows B.to follows C.following D.to be followed 答案:C 6.To overcome problem of bills(? ) in many different currencies, the billing process uses special “nominal” currencies. A.being issued or settled B.issued or settled C.issuing or settling D.to be? issued or settled 答案:A 7.I‘m looking for Captain John(? ) I want him on sign on this B/L. A.because B.due to C.that D.since 答案:A 8.The vessel is asking for short-based radar assistance(? ). A.is because her radar damaged B.because of her radar is being repaired C.due to her radar is out of order D.because her radar is not working 答案:D 9.We(? ) a sharp lookout while we were sailing in the icy water. A.keep B.kept C.are keeping D.have kept 答案:A 10.The chief officer(? ) on board for seven years. A.had been working B.has worked C.worked D.is working 答案:B 11.MSI is received by ships on a designated channel “designated” means(? ). A.allocated B.appointed C.designed D.specialized 答案:D 12.ALL ships which, (? )the present convention, are required to carry radio installation shall carry out the International Code of Signal. A.according B.in according with C.in accordance D.in accordance with 答案:C 13.When hearing a distress call, all station shall immediately cease any transmission capable of (? ) with the distress traffic. A.interfere B.interfering C.being interfered D.interference


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