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建筑工程标准计量规则smm7中英文对照.pdf 39页

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SMM7 2010 12 (SMM7) 2 SMM7 A 8 8 1 8 2 SMM7 CCPI 12 3 14 16 B 20 20 20 20 10 22 11 22 A 24 A11 24 A12 24 A13 24 A34 26 A35 26 A36 26 A42 26 A51 28 C 30 Cl0 30 C30 30 C90 30 D 32 D20 32 D3 34 [1988 ] 1 (SMM7) 3 Preface to the First Edition This Code of Procedure for Measurement of Building Works, which accom-panies the seventh Edition of the Standard Method of Measurement, is asuccessor to the Practice Manual which accompanied SMM6. Lrke the formerPractice Manual the Measurement Code is non-mandatory and is intended to be read in conjunction with SMM7. It has three main purposes; first and most importantly, to encourage good practice in the measurement of building works; second to give guidance on the communication of information relative toquantities of finished work where their value is modified by position, complexity,simplicity, repetition, eccentric distribution or other cost significant factors; third to give a brief explanation of a number of novel features introduced into SMM7,why they have been included and how they came about. It may be thought that some of the content of the Measurement Code is of an elementary nature. It should be remembered however that the Code is directed towards the student or beginner as much as to the experienced practitioner and that which may seem elementarv to the latter is not necessarily so to the former,For this reason certain elements of basic practice have been included. The Measurement Code, like SMM7, is a document prepared in accordance with the precepts of Co-ordinated Project Information. The assistance given to the SJC by members of the CCPI Working Groups responsible f


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