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我國食品添加剂滥用法律规制研究.pdf 39页

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Abstract With the rapid development of the national economy since more than 30-years Reform and Opening-up of China, people’s living standard has been improved constantly. Our concept of food security shifted rudimentarily from quantity to quality. People pay more attention to appearance, flavor, taste and freshness of food in which food additives play an important role. However, food additives have been used in a mass of field, which brings us not only the development of food industry but also some food safety incidents. The disastrous effects of food additives abuse are reflected from the frequent reports concerning food security in recent years, which lead to customers’ intense fears of food additives and kinds of social issues. What the above mentions warns us that we should take the security issues brought by food additives abuse seriously. It is an urgent need to improve the legal system about food additives in China so that the abuse of food additives can be governed effectively. This paper is divided into 4 parts besides the foreword. The first part of this paper, “Overview of legal regulation about food additives abuse”, introduces the general knowledge of food additives at the beginning, including different definitions of food additives in different countries, the sorts of food additives in China and the conceptual knowledge of food additives. The first part also gives a definition to the abuse of food additives and mentions its key components. And then, the first part introduces briefly the necessity of legal regulation about the abuse of food additives. The second part of this paper, “The current situation and existing problems of legal regulation about food additives abuse in China”, introduces, first of all, the current situation of the legal regulation about food additives abuse in China from the aspect of the legal system and regulato

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