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The 12th International Symposium on Structural Engineering STRUCTURAL DESIGN OF THE MENCIUS GRAND THEATRE Wei Liu, Dayi Ding China Wuzhou Engineering Co., Ltd. , Beijing 100053, P.R. China Abstract: For The Mencius Grand Theatre, the issues of the theatre structural design were studied in this paper. Including selection of structural form and arrangement of structure, the control of calculation indicators, the achieving of the stalls structure and the cantilevered balcony structure, foundation design and so on. According to the design objects of the structure performance, the static and earthquake were analyzed with SATWE, MIDAS and PMSAP programs. The calculation assumptions and the theater model simplification were discussed. The seismic fortification measures were also investigated to intensify the concept design. Keywords: Theatre, floor discontinuous, performance-based design, seismic fortification measures 1 INTRODUCTION the auditorium(40.5m×40.5m) and the stage(33.3m×24.3m) are both steel truss with supporting structure. The whole structure bases In recent years, some grand theatres have been on the natural foundation. Beam stiffened raft is constructed in some cities of China. And some grand theatres are being planned to be designed adopted for the basement part, and the single and constructed. There are some design column foundation and wall strip foundation are difficulties which are relatively typical in


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