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大学生身体意象与自尊、自我价值感关系的研究.pdf 64页

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Abstract To pursuit beauty things is our real natural. These period in college is very important to shape the self-concept. In these period , many students study very easily, easy to attention themselves appearance. At the same time, body is the primes symbol of the self and is influenced by socio-cultural environment. The contradiction between ideal physical self and real one becomes more and more clear and leads undergraduate students to deviate the cognition of beauty , to bad mental health. Today, it is very important to help undergraduate construct correct life style and good beauty concept. So there is vey significance to discus undergraduate students’ body image and its effection on self-worth. In our study, first , we chose 3 questionnaires including The Multidimensional Body-Self Relations Questionnaire, Self-esteem scale and Self-worth scale. did research on undergraduate students’ body Image feature, its condition and discuss deviation of cognition of body image whether exist or not. Second, we discuss undergraduate relationship between body Image and self-esteem, self-worth. The result are as follows: (1) Analyze of feature of undergraduate students body image ① The analyze data of body image is normal distribution: bulks of students satisfy with their body image. ② Female students would be less satisfied with their body image than male students; ③ The cognition of body image exists deviation. (2) Analyze of feature of undergraduate students self-esteem and self-worth Most of undergraduate students are in good position and conditio

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