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学生人身伤害赔偿纠纷之行政调解研究.pdf 60页

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学生人身伤害赔偿纠纷之行政调解研究 Research of administrative mediation in compensation disputes of student hurt Abstract In recent years, compensation disputes of student personal injury are more and more. Drawbacks are presents under the traditional model of litigation to resolve such disputes due to the characteristics of the student's age and personality characteristics . As part of the mediation system ,the administrative mediation plays an active and effective role in addressing compensation disputes of students in personal injury. And it has great practical significance in social stability and harmonious development. Administrative mediation is an administrative activity to effectively resolve disputes under the auspices of the administrative body, according to legal, voluntary principles, by way of persuasion and education mediation, good offices to urge the parties to reach an agreement between the two sides through friendly consultations. In this paper, we have overview the main administrative mediation, administrative mediation objects and administrative mediation program. Meanwhile, the scope of compensation for personal injury accident of students was defined. Clear responsibility principle is the key to resolving such disputes . We should follow the principle of fault liability, the principle of equitable burden sharing and burden of proof principle. In recent years, administrative mediation plays an important role in personal injury compensation disputes student, and administrative mediation has achieved some positive results in resolving such disputes. Such as litigation pressures eased and organization size has gradu

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