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1------------------------------ 华 中 科 技 大 学 硕 士 学 位 论 文 Abstract China is the largest tobacco producer and consumer in the world. Tobacco not only makes great contribution to China's tax promotion, but also has important influence on people's life. The number of smokers and victims of second-hand smoke in China is bigger than many countries. Tobacco has become a major killer of Chinese health. In November 2003, PRC signed the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, and become the 77 signatory countries of the World Health Organization. Although signed earlier, China's tobacco control is still not optimistic, especially public places tobacco control . In recent years, with the enhancement of the health , tobacco control are getting more and more attention. Tobacco control emerged in Western countries, and gradually affects China. With the tobacco control activities being carried out in our country, media also involved in this issue, focusing on tobacco control progress, reporting tobacco control activities and showing some characteristics. This research is based on these backgrounds above. With the perspective of Framing Theory , this paper selected 71 tobacco control report sample from People's Daily and Southern Weekly since 2001 as the research object, conducted a statistical analysis in terms of the theme, source, attitude, form, and associated framework, got the general framework of media reports about tobacco control in China with the combine of qualitative and quantitative methods. On the basis of the framework analysis, this study summarized the current situation and problems of the tobacco control reports, and explored the trends. New problems found during the study, such as the role that non-

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