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【毕业论文设计】安卓系统与IOS系统比较—英文文献翻译.doc 16页

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ESEP 2011: 9-10 December 2011, SingaporeAn Analysis and Comparison of Open and Closed MobilePlatformsAndroid vs. iPhoneYinglu ZOUa,?, Hao WU b, Jianxin HUANG a,ba Information Engineering College,7 JianXue Road, JinShui District, ZhengZhou, 450001, ChinaAbstractWith the release of Android 2.2 Froyo and iPhone 4, the war between open and closed mobile platforms tends to befiercer. Being the representatives of the two parties, Froyo and iOS 4 are quite different at system framework, newfeature, application market and integration model. According to the company spirits of Google and Apple, we do some analyses and comparisons of the above points, explain the differences of Android and iPhone from the shallower to the deeper, then conclude the characteristics of open and closed mobile platforms, aiming at providing an objective reference for researchers of mobile platforms, helping them see clearer into mobile industry. As a result,both Froyo and iOS 4 have their advantages and disadvantages, still they are far from being perfect, there’s room forfurther improvement.Keywords: Android;iPhone;Froyo;iOS 4;smart phone;mobile platform1. IntroductionIn recent years, the popularity of smart phone kept going up. More and more smart phones are sold anda lot of people are embracing them. Smart phones brought great convenience to users, as well created opportunities for smart phone researchers. That’s to say, the wide spread of smart phones benefited both sides. At the same time, developing of smart phone OS becomes one of the smartest industry. To be a smart phone OS, the system should: 1. Provide services like a PC. 2. Work with a GPU for better visual effects. 3. Allow the user to surf on Internet freely. And apparently, there’re also some weaknesses:1.Limited battery. 2. Poor CPU performance against PC CPU. 3. Small storage. 4. The use of RAM may leads to loss of data when the phone runs out of batteryNow the 2 giants of smart phone OS are Android and iPhone OS. On one side, And

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