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小学英语说课模板(英文版) Goood moring, Ladies and Gentlemen ! I am very glad to be standing here and talking about Lesson 10 ,which is from Fun with? English Book 3 Unit 2 . I will explain how to teach and the reason for doing this from following aspects. Part 1 To analyze the book analysis of the teaching content. Part 2 ways of teaching and learning . Part 3 teaching procedures Part 4 blackboard design? Part 5 assessment Now Let’s focus on the analysis of teaching content. It can be divided into 3 parts as followed: the status and the function, the teaching objectives , the main points and difficult points, I’ll talk about it one by one. This lesson is the first lesson of unit 1, book7 . It includes two parts: Let’s learn and let’s play. In section 1, it mainly deals with these key phrases: on foot, by bike, by bus, by train, by subway. And in section 2, it provides a game for the Ss to prastise the patterns: How do you go to…? And the answer: I go… by../ on foot. Our students have already known some vehicles in the daily life. It’s not difficult for them to understand and use these words . If students can learn it well, it will help students to learn the rest of this unit.? So, I set the following aims: The first is language objectives To make sure that students can read, recognize and use these key phrases :on foot?,by bike,by bus,by?train ??????skillfully. The next is ability objectives (1)? To develop Ss’ abilities of listening and speaking. (2)? To train the Ss’ ability of working in groups. moral objectives (1)to help students know some vehicles and comprehend the traffic?rules ?(2)?To foster Ss’ consciousness of good co-operation and proper competition. ?The main points and difficult points about this lesson is: (1)?? To make sure that Ss can use these key phrases correctly and skillfully.? (2)?? To enable Ss to study in groups and co-operate skillfully. (3)?? To develop Ss’ interest in English. Difficult points ???? To help the Ss ask and answer the question “How do


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