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高考听力场景词汇及其他常见表达分析.doc 34页

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听力常见表达 功能篇 I am keen on outdoor sports. I don’t think I’ve seen anything I dislike more. I think the work here is really awful. It’s going to be patient. Look before you leap. You could always. Have you considered… Perhaps we could Do you think it’s a good idea to… I definitely would give my consent to your plan. I don’t think that’s sensible. I have every intention of cooperating with you. It never entered my head that I’ll accept your idea. Trust you to make a mess of it. Now look what you have done! You can count on it. I’m absolutely positive. I’m quite convinced that things will improve. 情景篇 How do you like your hair set? Do you fancy something to drink? Would you like it rare, medium, or well-done? Let’s compromise. How about making it a Dutch treat? I’ll stay four days in Beijing to visit all the famous tourist attractions. Please tell us the best sightseeing route to take. Have you decided which airline you want to fly with? You need to take your traveller’s checks and some foreign currency. Can I book a single room with a private bath for this weekend? Is there a discount for company booking? I like to take an occasional business trip for a change. I’d like to confirm my flight to New York. Please go upstairs and proceed through the security check and immigration. I’d like to arrange to have my car serviced. I wish I had the recipe. Where’s a good place to sample the local cuisine? Staying up late with the computer is obviously bad for your health. Too much alcohol will spoil your health. I’ll write you a prescription for a new medicine that is very effective. This medicine will give you quick relief. I heard that there’s a vacancy for a secretary here. I am interested in that position. Do you have any experience in the import/export field? I would like to place an order please. Our products are of good quality and at a reasonable wholesale price. Please pack your products in accordance with our requirements. For payment we would prefer a L/C. Our section d


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