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    Medical Correspondence 医用信函 Types of Letter Ingredients of Medical Correspondence Heading Date Inside Address Salutation Body of the Letter Complimentary Close signature enclosure P.S. 常用的起首语有: Thank you for your letter dated Dec.22, 2009.?? Many thanks for your letter of Sept.5,2007.?? With great delight I learn from your letter of this Sunday that …? In reply to your letter dated 4th July, I want to say… 常用的结束语有:?? We look forward to your reply at your earliest convenience.?? I look forward to our next meeting there in Los Angeles.?? Please let us know if you want more information.? With love and good wishes. 1、索取国际会议文件 获悉本次会议的途径 索取哪些文件 理由 1、索取国际会议文件 我刚从“美国心脏杂志”(1999年第11期)获悉,2000年4月5日-10日将在澳大利亚悉尼召开“心血管病病因”国际大会。目前,我正在写一篇内容与会议主题一致的论文。如蒙赐寄大会的论文征集启事、通知和本会的其他详细资料,我将非常感谢。 1、索取国际会议文件 I have just learned from “American Heart Journal” No. 11, 1999, that “The International Conference on ‘Etiologic Agents in Cardiovascular Disease’” will be held in Sydney, Australia, from April 5 to 10, 2000. I am now writing a paper which seems to be coinciding with the topics of the conference. I would appreciate it if you would send the Call for paper, Circulars and other details of the conference. Exercise 索取会议资料 亲爱的摩根博士: 请告诉我,您是否能给我寄一本您参与编写的《儿童哮喘,1999年专题大会论文汇编》? 作为一名儿童医院的院长,我对这个论文汇编很感兴趣。如蒙赐寄一册,将不胜感激。 Exercise 索取会议资料 Dear Dr. Morgan, Would you please let me know whether I can receive from you a copy of the publication entitled “Childhood asthma, Proceedings of symposium (1999) ”, of which you are one of editors. As a director of children’s hospital, I am very interested in the publication. I would appreciate it very much if you would send me a copy. 2、邀请出席国际学术会议 见word文档 Exercise 3、接受邀请 12月11日来函收悉, 谢谢。遵从您的吩咐,我将作20分钟发言,题目是“硬水、软水对心血管病的影响”。 我期待着出席专题讨论“心血管病病因”的国际会议。 Exercise 3、接受邀请 Thank you for your letter of December 11. In response to your request, I hope to be able to talk for 20 minutes on “The Influence of hard and soft water on cardi


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