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    高三暑期英语 200句+M9 200句—4500词汇 1. We should always bear in mind that … (1) bear/keep sth. in mind keep in mind that +句子: 记住… have sth. in mind : bring sth. to mind 想到… (2) mind n. 智力;精神;意见;记忆力 v. 介意;专心于;照料 相关短语: Mind your business 别多管闲事 Mind your eye 当心 Never mind 没关系;不用担心 Mind (one’s)doing…介意(某人)做… a load of my mind 一块石头落地 absence of mind : absent-minded 心不在焉 make up one’s mind (to do…)下定决心(做…) change one’s mind(s) 改变主意 lose one’s mind 失去理智;发疯 speak one’s mind说出心里话 states of mind 心态 be of the same mind观点一致 be of one mind 同心协力 beauty of mind心灵美 (3) ignorant adj. 无知的;愚昧的 – n. ignorance -- vt ignore 忽视;不理睬;驳回诉讼; be ignorant of …不知道;忽略; be ignorant of law 法盲 (4) Promotion n. 提高;升职;促进;推销 - vt promote (5) Approach v. 走进;接近;处理,对待 n. 走进;接近;方法;入口 approach science approach us approach the difficulty an approach to the problem with the approach of Christmas (6)Tiredness n. 疲劳 – v. tire 使疲惫;使厌烦 tire sb. out = wear sb. out 使某人精疲力竭 be tired out 疲惫极了 adj. tired:be tired of sth. = be bored with = be fed up with… tiring 令人疲惫的;累人的 tiresome 令人厌烦的;讨厌的; tireless 不知疲倦的 2. I looked for the history book because … find – found – found 发现;觉得; found – founded – founded 建立 (2) dusty adj. 不满灰尘的– n. dust 灰尘 (类似的): dirty adj. – dirt n. 3. There are so many reference books … (1) reference n. 提及;参考;引文;推荐信 - v. refer 提到;针对;提交; refer to 涉及;参考;查阅; refer to A as B: think of A as B: look on A as B (2) I must choose one from these books. Here are many books for you to choose from. 4. It seemed that the handsome actor … Not a little: very much not a bit: not at all -- Although this test is not a bit difficult, he is still not a little worried. (2) be concerned about 关注;关心; 担心 -- Every one of us are concerned about our future. -- Concerned about his safety, his parents couldn’t sleep. concern vt. 与…有关;使某人担心;n.


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