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endless branch concrete A: very large amount or number B: something that seems to last forever A: a part of a tree that grows from the stem B: part of an organization A: definite and specific B: something used for building that is made by mixing sand, very small cement and water 1. flexible Our plan is quite flexible. 2. tease Don't take it seriously - he's only teasing. 3. endless The journey seemed endless. 4. branch She reached up and picked a pear off a branch. 5. concrete His plan is not yet concrete. Example sentences This poem doesn’t _________ (押韵), which makes it difficult to recite. 2. It’s very important for us to master sentence _______ (句型). 3. The singer was deeply touched by the _________ (热情) of the welcome she received. 4. You must practice each day for a ________ (最低限度) of 30 minutes. I. Write the correct words. rhyme patterns warmth minimum 5. Most parents are willing to take their children to the ___________ (托儿所) where children are taken good care of. 6. Color is an important a_________ to consider when choosing curtains. 7. The book is popular with children, and has been t__________ into five languages. nursery aspect translated 8. Don't take it seriously - he's only t_____. 9. Can you r___________ the poem we learned yesterday afternoon without referring to the textbook? 10. These buildings are made of c________ and steel. recite teasing concrete II. Fill in each blank with the correct form of the word. 1. Besides practical knowledge, a teacher is ready to provide his or her pupils with ________ support. emotional dread emotion repetition end translate warm 2. Please _____ what you are required to do. I want you to know for sure before I take my leave. 3. Everyone would have screamed if they had noticed a snake crawling in. What a _


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