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Unit 3 The Million Pound Note manner表“方式, 方法” 常用单数; 表“举止, 态度”, 也用单数; 表“礼貌, 礼仪”, 常用复数。 He answered in an arrogant manner. His manner was impolite. It is bad manners to talk with your mouth full. 7. genuine 1) real, not fake or artificial 真的, 非伪造的, 非人工的 a genuine pearl a genuine note 2) sincere, honest 真诚的, 真实的 She seems genuine but I can’t trust her. 10. indeed adv. 1) in fact 事实上, 其实 I don’t mind. Indeed, I am willing to help you. 2) truly, really, certainly 的确, 实在的, 确实 --Did he finish the work? --Indeed, he did. 12. as for 至于, 关于(as to ) You can have a bed, but as for the children, they will have to sleep on the floor. 3) 企图, 试图 They sought to punish him for his crime but he escaped. 他们试图惩罚他的罪行, 但他却逃跑了。 phrase: seek one’s / a fortune 追求财富, 碰运气 seek for /after 寻找, 追求 She sought for a solution to the problem. seek one’s advice 征求某人的意见 13. patience, Mr. Adams. 耐心点, 亚当斯先生。 patience? n. 忍耐, 耐心 lose one’s / be out of patience with…? 对……失去耐心 adj.? patient 耐心的, 能容忍的 be patient with sb./sth. 对……有耐心 You should be more patient with other.?? 你应该多容忍他人一些。 15. on the contrary contrary? adj. 相反的, 相对的, 逆向的, 对抗的 They walked in contrary directions.? 他们各往相反的方向走去。 on the contrary 正相反, 反之( instead) You didn’t bother me. On the contrary, I like your company. 你没有打扰我, 相反的是, 我喜欢由你做伴。 ?be contrary to… ?与……相反??? My opinion is contrary to yours. 我的看法与你相反。 3. amount n. 1) 总额, 总数 He could only pay half the amount he owed. 数量, 数额 a (good) large / small amount of…大量的/ 少量的 A large amount of money was spent on the bridge. =Large amounts of money were spent on the bridge. 那座桥耗费了大量资金。 in large\small amounts 大(小)量地 The materials can be produced in large amounts. 区别: a large amount of & a large number of a large amount of 与不可数名词连用, 修饰 用量计算的东西。 It will take us a large amount of money and time to finish the work. a large number of 修饰可数名词, 修饰用数 计算的东西。 I have a large number of things to do, so I can


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