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2013年奉贤南桥七年级九校联考试卷 Part 2 Vocabulary and Grammar (第二部分词汇和语法)43% 26.This is ______ useful book and it is also __________ interesting one. A. an… a B. a…an C. an…an D. a…a 27.This is _______visit to Hangzhou. A.)two B)twice C) the second D)second 28.Their room is on the first floor and ____ is on the second. A.)our B)ours C) us D)ourselves 29.Jack doesn’t work ________Tom. A.)as so good B)so good as C) so hard as D)so harder as 30.There will ______ a basketball match _______ class one and class two. A.)be/between B)be/among C) have/among D)have/between 31.It is said that some farmers saw ________in the sky. A.)strange something B)something strange C) strange anything D)anything strange 32.I’ll return the umbrella to you if I _________next week. A.)come B)will come C) came D)have come back 33.---______________,sir? ---Size 41, I think. A.)How many shirts do you need B)What can I do for you C) How do you like this shirt D)What size do you need 34.---______________ to the United States? ---- No, never. A.)Have you been B)Did you go C) Have you gone D)Will you go 35.---________he_________ at this school last term? --- Yes, I think so. A.)Did/study B)Was/study C) Does/study D)Did/studied 36._______ cross the road before the traffic lights turn green. A.)Not B)Won’t C) Don’t D)Doesn’t 37.The students of Grade Seven are playing football. Let’s go and ________them. A.)enter B)attend C) take part in D)join 38.You ______ feed the golden fish, I have already fed them. A.)need to B)don’t need to C) need D)needn’t to 39.---I didn’t like to eat spicy food. ----______________. A.)Neither do I B)Neither did I C) So do I D)So did I 40.________it is late in the night, the hardworking students are still studying. A.)Because B)If C) When D)Although 41.Kate is one of __________ in our class. A.)the tallest student B)the most careful girls C) most careful girl D)tallest students. 42.In Britain, the gentlemen usually ________their hats when they mee


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