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阅读理解一  The English have the reputation of being very different from all other nationalities . It is claimed that living on an island separated from the rest of Europe has much to do with it . Whatever the reasons, it may be fairly stated that the Englishman has developed some attitudes and habits distinguishing him from other nationalities .   Broadly speaking, the Englishman is a quiet, shy, and reserved person among people he knows well . Before strangers he often seems inhibited, even embarrasse D . You have only to witness a railway compartment any morning or evening to see the truth . Serious-looking businessmen and women sit reading their newspapers or dozing(打盹)in a corner, and no one speaks . An English wit once suggested to overseas visitors, "On entering a railway compartment shake hands with all the passengers . " Needless to say, he was not being serious . There is an unwritten but clearly understood code of behavior, which, if broken, makes the person immediately the object of suspicion .   It is well known that the English seldom show openly extremes of enthusiasm, emotion et C . Of course, an Englishman feels no less than any other nationality . Imagine a man commenting on the great beauty of a young girl . A man of more emotional temperament might describe her as "a marvelous jewel", while the Englishman will flatly state "Um, she's all right . " An Englishman may recommend a highly successful and enjoyable film to friends by commenting, "It's not ba D . " The overseas visitors must not be disappointed by this apparent lack of interest . They must realize that "all right", "not bad" are very often used with the sense of "first class", "excellent" . This special use of language is particularly common in English .  1 . One explanation for the different character of English people is that ________ .   [A] they are geographically isolated from the European continent   [B] they have nothing to do with the other Europeans   [C] th


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