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essential drugs practical guidelines:(基本药物实用的指导方针).pdf 363页

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essential drugs practical guidelines:(基本药物实用的指导方针)
Essential drugs Practical guidelines intended for physicians, pharmacists, nurses and medical auxiliaries 2010 EDITION © Médecins Sans Frontières – December 2009 All rights reserved for all countries. No reproduction, translation and adaptation may be done without the prior permission of the Copyright owner. ISBN 2-906498-78-5 Essential drugs Practical guidelines Editorial committee: Jacques Pinel (Ph), Françoise Weiss (Ph), Myriam Henkens (MD) and Véronique Grouzard (N, general editor) Contributors: S. Balkan (MD), T. Baubet (MD), V. Boissière (Ph), M.E. Burny (N), A.S. Coutin (MD), C. Danet (MD), M. De Smet (MD), F. Fermon (N), N. Harris (MD), X. Lassalle (AA), C. Macé (Ph), J. Menschik (MD), R. Murphy (MD), B. Renchon (Ph), J. Rigal (MD), M. Schaefer (MD), E. Szumilin (MD), F. Varaine (MD), B. Vasset (MD) We would like to thank C. Boissinot (Ph), M. Boussinesq (MD), A. Certain (Ph), F. Delange (MD), P.Y. Fournier (MD), S. Gnamien (Ph), B. Graz (MD), C. Guérin (Ph), C.A Jeanne-Rose (Ph), J. Van Roey (MD) for their invaluable contributions to this guide. (MD) Medical doctor, (Ph) Pharmacist, (N) Nurse, (AA) Anaesthetist-assistant Translated from French by V. Grouzard, N. Harris and C. Lopez-Serraf. Design and layout: Evelyne Laissu Preface The 1978 Alma Ata Conference on primary health care recognized that essential drugs are vital for preventing and treating illnesses which affect millions of people throughout the world. Essential drugs save lives and improve health. In 1981, the Worl

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