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essential mathematics for games and interactive applications {cd}, second edition:(基本数学游戏和交互式应用程序{ cd },第二版).pdf 705页

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essential mathematics for games and interactive applications {cd}, second edition:(基本数学游戏和交互式应用程序{ cd },第二版)
1 2------------------------------This excellent volume is unique in that it covers not only the basic techniques of computer graphics and game development, but also provides a thorough and rigorous—yet very readable— treatment of the underlying mathematics. Fledgling graphics and games developers will find it a valuable introduction; experienced developers will find it an invaluable reference. Everything is here, from the detailed numeric issues of IEEE floating point notation, to the correct way to use quaternions and spherical linear interpolation to represent orientation, to the mathematics of collision detection and rigid-body dynamics. —David Luebke, University of Virginia, co-author of Level of Detail for 3D Graphics When it comes to software development for games or virtual reality, you cannot escape the math- ematics. The best performance comes not from superfast processors and terabytes of memory, but from well-chosen algorithms. With this in mind, the techniques most useful for developing production-quality computer graphics for Hollywood blockbusters are not the best choice for interactive applications. When rendering times are measured in milliseconds rather than hours, you need an entirely different perspective. Essential Mathematics for Games and Interactive Applications provides this perspective. While the mathematics are rigorous and perhaps challenging at times, Van Verth and Bishop provide the context for understanding the algorithms and data structures needed to bring games and VR applications to life. This may not be the only book you will ever need for games and VR software development, but it will certainly provide an excellent framework for developing robust and fast applications. —Ian Ashdown, President, ByHeart Consultants Limited With Essential Mathematics for Ga

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