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essays on extinction death of the posthuman:(论文在灭绝后人类的死亡).pdf 249页

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essays on extinction death of the posthuman:(论文在灭绝后人类的死亡)
Death of the PostHuman Essays on Ex tinction, Vol. 1 Claire Colebrook Death of the PostHuman Critical Climate Change Series Editors: Tom Cohen and Claire Colebrook Te era of climate change involves the mutation of sys- tems beyond 20th century anthropomorphic models and has stood, until recently, outside representation or address. Understood in a broad and critical sense, climate change concerns material agencies that impact on biomass and energy, erased borders and microbial invention, geological and nanographic time, and extinction events. Te possibil- ity of extinction has always been a latent fgure in textual production and archives; but the current sense of deple- tion, decay, mutation and exhaustion calls for new modes of address, new styles of publishing and authoring, and new formats and speeds of distribution. As the pressures and re- alignments of this re-arrangement occur, so must the critical languages and conceptual templates, political premises and defnitions of ‘life.’ Tere is a particular need to publish in timely fashion experimental monographs that redefne the boundaries of disciplinary felds, rhetorical invasions, the in- terface of conceptual and scientifc languages, and geomor- phic and geopolitical interventions. Critical Climate Change is oriented, in this general manner, toward the epistemo- political mutations that correspond to the temporalities of terrestrial mutation. Death of the PostHuman Essays on Extinction, Vol. 1 Claire Colebrook OPEN HUMANITIES PRESS wit

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