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文献综述范文(Literature review)
文献综述范文(Literature review) Research literature review of XXX problem (title) Xx (author) Abstract: XXXX (in two parts. The first part briefly summarized what are the main research content of this paper. You can usually 1, 2 words. The second part wrote: "a lot of research on domestic scholars to the problem of xx, and obtained some achievements" and "in this paper, from the perspectives of XXX, are reviewed, such as the summary of rhetoric, it is best to make a little summary. For the first part, if you don't write or don't bother to write, personal advice can copy the summary of other people's papers and make adjustments and adjustments accordingly. After all, the topic of your research is basically consistent with the topic of your online download, so you can draw a summary of the online paper. But please pay attention to the full copy of the word, properly integrated and modified. Don't let me see that you haven't changed a word! The second part, as I said above. If you can summarize what you're going to do in a short summary, that's the best. If I can't, I won't be reluctant to write two formulations. The following is an example of a summary, for reference only. The green represents what I call the first part; Yellow represents part two. Case 1: literature review on social security of migrant workers Abstract: migrant workers are a new type of labor force emerging in China's reform and opening up, industrialization and urbanization. Great contributions have been made to urban prosperity and rural development. Yet their social security is low, almost outside the existing social security system. In recent years, theoretical and practical circles have deeply discussed and achieved fruitful results. Systemic summarized based on these results, on the basis of a brief comment on the overall research situation, and points out the current problems to be further study, so as to provide reference for the further research in this field. Case two: literature review on the su


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