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文言文阅读样式及策略(Read styles and strategies)
文言文阅读样式及策略(Read styles and strategies) A new type of reading test style and solution strategy In the past few years, the Chinese test papers in various parts of the country have been browsed, among which the examination of the text of the text (not including the ancient poetry) has been presented in a variety of forms and colorful situations. This article makes a probe into the new topic in the text reading. 1. Sentence appreciation formula In recent years, it has been very popular, but both have appeared in modern reading. This year, we should pay more attention to the transition to the text. The style of the examination is: let the examinee choose any sentence or paragraph that they like, and clarify the reason why they like it. Be careful not to translate sentences, but to taste and appreciate sentences. (taking into account the degree of familiarity, in the context of the text in the class, the same) : 1. The description of the text is full of childlike innocence, find out your favorite one, and tell you why you like it. This is the stress axis problem in shen fu's "leisure" (the new course is changed to "tong qu"). Reading this article, many of the students like to "go out of the mud and not dye, and do not have a demon." Because these two lines have written the high and clean of the lotus, the comparison of the gentleman is not the same with the evil of the world, nor is he alone. You also like the statements about lotus in this article (xiangfan city, hubei province) The way to answer this question is: first, the content of the sentence. See if the sentence contains some profound meaning (or philosophy) and how it affects us (or enlighten, education, etc.). Second, the language features of the sentence. To grasp the key words in selected sentences, such as rhetorical devices, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc. In the case of rhetoric, this sentence describes the characteristics of XX in vivid image. In any case, the reasons must be sufficient, and attention sho


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