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新华门影壁前,共产党交给了人民一把尺子(The communist party handed the people a ruler).doc 13页

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新华门影壁前,共产党交给了人民一把尺子(The communist party handed the people a ruler) The communist party handed the people a ruler Wang lian li was posted on the blog China on June 09, 2006 [abstract] it is not possible that all government actions are natural for the people and natural for the interests of the people. And, if the rulers of the ruling environment lack of supervision mechanism, if the people in the actual operation level lack the feasibility of supervising the implement, if the lack of the supervision of the media should have role, rulers have infinite possibility of harm to the interests of the people. Xinhuamen in the "serve the people" on the screen five characters during the cultural revolution in 1967, early in 1981, the sixth plenary session of the 11th communist party of China rejected the "cultural revolution", all the "cultural revolution" in the zhongnanhai banners and YuLuPai all down, and xinhuamen in five words on the screen and the front two slogan was presided over by the central work of comrade hu yaobang instructions preserved. This "retention" is a "sign" for the national people. Notice what? According to the communist party of China has always advocated: the party's construction must resolutely implement the requirements of "insist on serving the people wholeheartedly", "party in addition to the working class and the interests of the people, have their particular interests." , then, xinhua gate flash five characters, not just want to tell the Chinese people, the communist party of China is to serve the people of the party, the Chinese government is to serve the people under the leadership of the communist party of China's government, for a ruling party has been in power for decades, just to repeated this point is almost absurd, the real meaning is that is to get the service object of the party and government, to mobilize the Chinese people, want to use the power of the people to supervise the party and supervision of the government, xinhuamen in the


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