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新好佳学会做LED照明效果(New good learn to make LED lighting effect).doc 19页

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新好佳学会做LED照明效果(New good learn to make LED lighting effect)
新好佳学会做LED照明效果(New good learn to make LED lighting effect) (1) rendering: After choosing a good product, we need to make a rendering of some decorative projects. At present, there are more software for rendering rendering. The general purpose is FLASH, which is easier to learn. A good FLASH designer doesn't necessarily design a good LED rendering. LED renderings are not just displayed on the computer but are controlled by the controller to achieve the LED effect. It is recommended to consider whether the control system can be implemented when you are doing LED rendering It is. Otherwise the computer shows the effect and the real effect will appear the result of inconsistency, causes unnecessary dispute. (2) determine the detailed plan: If your product and renderings have been approved by the customer, your order is basically done for you, except for your price. But then there is the more complex one - the determination of the programme. The first step is to understand the size of the site and the environment of the site to determine how we plan to do it. 1) outdoor or indoor: this is more important to decide whether our product plan should consider waterproof, sunblock, etc. 2) determine the size of the site to be light, and choose how to use a small number of products, how to connect the system, control the design of the system, If it is not for the exchange of market products, choose power supply and power supply wiring. This is a more complicated thing, It takes a lot of text and pictures to get a better description, so we put it in the "tips for becoming an LED expert" Detailed analysis. 3) we must pay attention to the detailed plan, and try to find a way to make the connection simple. Such installation, debugging, and maintenance reduces a lot of trouble. And then finally we're going to determine the controller, In terms of control selection and instance program, we have a detailed introduction to which section of the control system, which I will not introduce i


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