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新居落成对联2(The new house is dedicated to united 2).doc 19页

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新居落成对联2(The new house is dedicated to united 2) The new house has been completed The spring of spring in the spring of the New Year of the yanhe xinxi yingyin New spring moved to the new home, the fuk gate spring in the blessing of the blessing of the house of good fortune Treasure ten thousand years in the huashan qianqiu xiangyun floating zige cloud of the cloud of happiness to the east of zhuo east wind of the east China The small hospital renewal of chengde government; Good luck with your family. All the flowers in the courtyard; Five German people are laughing and speaking. The people's heavy agricultural mulberry can be rich; The new joy of the new. Yan is too heavy to keep good language; The warbler reported good news. Foundation is the foundation of thousands of autumn industry; The pillar is holding up the beams. Home green water green hill bank; Man is in the wind and the wind. There is benevolence in the spring; The family has a long fortune. To remove the door from the mountain; Water is often used as a harp. The rising sun comes at home. The breeze is new. The warbler went to the valley; My heart is in my place. Jiangshan polyu to xinyu; The quibilian glow painting hall. Sunshine new house tian jin embroidery; The garden is fragrant with flowers. Sun li and brocade yard; A warm summer is a good time. Xiangyang courtyard scenery is good; Hardworking people are much happier. Painting a building in the past; Huadang yingyao new house. Sunshine of sunshine and safe house; The five lucky stars are at jiqing gate. Door to spring, summer, autumn and winter; The family is north and south. A new residence in the red sun; Happiness often drives a happy family. New auspicious days; There is a good spring in the house. The door to the green hills; Live in a new home. Joe's first move to a new climate; No change in the door. Habitat and benevolence; Don't be a neighbor. The earth is long and the door is happy; The abundance of life is boundless. Blessed is he who ha


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