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Addendum: MATLAB 6 When I started developing this book’s material in 1997, the faculty and stu- dents in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the City University of New York (CUNY), my home institution, were in the most envi- able position of having access to up-to-date versions of MATLAB on all major computer platforms at the university. Unfortunately, this state of bliss did not last. MATLAB 6 releases are now available for the PC and UNIX™ platforms, but not for the MAC™. Faced with this situation and the significant number of instructional laboratories equipped with MAC computers, both on CUNY campuses and in feeder institutions, and the large number of students own- ing MAC computers, I opted to use in this text the syntax that is still common to all platforms, i.e., not the latest. Fortunately, this was still possible because MATLAB 6, Release 12, still accepts the obsolete commands, although newer versions of these commands are now recommended. As there is no guarantee that this backwards compatibility will continue in future releases, in this addendum, I summarize only those modifications that are of direct relevance to this text. Further details can be found in the MATLAB manuals and the help files. 1. The function handle was added. a. A function handle is a MATLAB data type that contains infor- mation used in referencing a function. The function handle stores all the information MATLAB needs to evaluate the func- tion from any location in the MATLAB environment. b. The feval function can be used with either function handles or function name strings. Evaluation of function handles is pre- ferred over evaluation of the function name. 2. Most names in MATLAB are now truncated after the 31st character, i.e., MATLAB cannot, for example, distinguish between two names with the s


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