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Unit 2 The white rabbit was looking at its watch课件2.ppt 31页

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The white rabbit was looking at its watch. tired nothing once daisy chain pink adj. 劳累的 pron. 没有什么;没有东西 adv. 一次 n. 雏菊 n. 项圈;链 adj. 粉色的 n. 粉色 by pocket across field under hedge prep. 经;由 n. 兜,口袋 prep. 越过 n. 田地 prep. 在……下面 n. 树篱 Look at the picture and say what you think is strange. Read and check . 1 Alice was sitting by the river. 2 She was reading her book. 3 The White Rabbit was looking at Alice. 4 The Cheshire Cat was smiling at everyone. 5 Mad Hatter and the March Hare were having a birthday party. 6 The Red King and the Red Queen were playing golf. Read the first paragraph and answer these questions. 1. How was Alice feeling? 2. Where were Alice and her sister? 3. What was her sister doing? 4. Why didn’t Alice like her sister’s book? 5. What was Alice thinking of doing? 6. What happened next? 7. What did the rabbit say? 8. What did the rabbit do with its watch? 9. Why did Alice get up? 10. Where did the rabbit go? 11. What did Alice do? 12. How was she going to get out again? 1. Alice had nothing to do. 艾丽丝无事可做。 ① nothing 是不定代词,其后接不定式, 表示“可(做)的……(事)”,类似的 表达法: have something to do 有事可做 have something to eat 有可吃的东西 have nothing to drink 没有什么喝的 ② nothing 表否定,相当于not anything There is nothing in the box. =There is not anything in the box. ③ have something/ nothing to do with sb. / sth. 与某人/ 事有关/ 无关 Don’t look at me like that. I have nothing to do with it. 不要那样看着我,此事与我无关。 2. “And what is a book for,” thought Alice, “without pictures or conversations?” “连插图和对话都没有,” 艾丽丝想, “这书还有什么意思呢?” what…for 是不理解对方的动机或询问对 方的目的和用意时的用语,for 放于句末。 what …for 相当于why,但what…for 侧重 提问目的,用不定式或for 短语回答;why 侧重于提问原因,用because 回答。 Can you translate these expressions? 1. get tired 2. have nothing to do 3. no pictures or conversations 4. think of making a daisy chain 5. a white rabbit with pink eyes 6. run by her 7. take sth. out of 8. run across 9. see sb. do sth. --- see sb. doing sth. Fill in

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