facebook + yammer + erp enterprise social model to explore(facebook + yammer + erp企业社会模式探索).doc

facebook + yammer + erp enterprise social model to explore(facebook + yammer + erp企业社会模式探索).doc

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Facebook + Yammer + ERP enterprise social model to explore (Free paper Download Center News) Recently, the industry a heavy message suck this the eye of major media, service providers, Microsoft acquired out of $ 1.2 billion acquisition price of the enterprise social networking sites - Yammer Yammer is what to do ? Maybe you know, but referred to the Facebook (Facebook), as IT people familiar However, with Facebook, Facebook is more for the mass consumer-oriented social networking applications, Yammer is more business-oriented level of social applications. We see a lot of small sites are still spare no effort to imitate the U.S. social networking giant Facebook, this U.S. website called Yammer inadvertently completed a beautiful “breakthrough” Microsoft astronomical $ 1.2 billion acquisition of . Yammer is an enterprise social networking site “for individual users Facebook, Yammer is business users, it is the U.S. media as the Enterprise Edition” Facebook established only four years, Yammer has been in more than 160 countries and regions have more than 500 million business users, which users from more than 85 percent of the Fortune Global 500 companies. Yammer website, said Ford, Shell and Cisco are “loyal” user. Related information bears enormous business opportunities for the enterprise social network, acquired by Microsoft the Yammer show that the giants have begun to bet on this market. Well-known global consulting firm Deloitte is also a report shortly before that: 2012 is the corporate social The site of the explosion years. Enterprise-class social networking in the international hot prospects, and ignited the passion of a long absence, but also for the domestic enterprise social network. According to IT168 reporter understanding, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Yammer at the same time, domestic Asia Pacific’s largest homegrown management software provider Business Friends of the companies to build enterprise cloud platform, one of the



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