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Boylestad-Introductory Circuit Analysis:Boylestad-Introductory电路分析.pdf 1220页

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Boylestad-Introductory Circuit Analysis:Boylestad-Introductory电路分析
S 1 I Introduction 1.1 THE ELECTRICAL/ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY The growing sensitivity to the technologies on Wall Street is clear evi- dence that the electrical/electronics industry is one that will have a sweep- ing impact on future development in a wide range of areas that affect our life style, general health, and capabilities. Even the arts, initially so deter- mined not to utilize technological methods, are embracing some of the new, innovative techniques that permit exploration into areas they never thought possible. The new Windows approach to computer simulation has made computer systems much friendlier to the average person, resulting in an expanding market which further stimulates growth in the field. The computer in the home will eventually be as common as the telephone or television. In fact, all three are now being integrated into a single unit. Every facet of our lives seems touched by developments that appear to surface at an ever-increasing rate. For the layperson, the most obvious improvement of recent years has been the reduced size of electrical/ elec- tronics systems. Televisions are now small enough to be hand-held and have a battery capability that allows them to be more portable. Computers with significant memory capacity are now smaller than this textbook. The size of radios is limited simply by our ability to read the numbers on the face of the dial. Hearing aids are no longer visible, and pacemakers are significantly smaller and more reliable. All the reduction in size is due primarily to a marvelous development of the last few decades—the integrated circuit (IC). First developed in the late 1950s, the IC has now reached a point where cutting 0.18-micrometer lines i

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