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经营者对第三人侵权的损害赔偿责任-法学专业毕业论文.pdf 41页

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Abstract There ,currently, has been an increasing concern on the issue that whether or not the service providers , being the manages of various business premises , shall be liable for damages once a consumer suffers body injury due to third party' act of tort . Past studies were most related to the further demonstration of the newly implemented judicial interpretation by the Super Court of China on dameges for body injury . The related issues such as the legal foundation of the safety-ensuring obligation , the legal nature of the liability , the scope of the liabilities ,and so on , are still subject to disputes nowadays . This article studies , from both a postivist and comparative law perspective , the issues noted above on the strenghth of the analysis of relevant judgements on cases of this type rendered by domestic and overseas courts in recent years . The introduction of this article introduces the circumstance , the value and main approach of this article , and points out that related studies , influenced by the modern realization of torts , should rest on the balancing of interests and value instead of traditional mechanized analysis of corresponding conception and logic of the rules of torts . Started with the court practices and views of both domestic and overseas countries , the first part of this article discusses the legal nature of the liabilities of services previders in relation to the third party's act of tort , and comes to the conclusion that there is little significition discussing an issue that a contractual or a tort liability which the service previders noted abo


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