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网络摄像机视频采集编码模块的设计和实现-通信与信息系统专业毕业论文.pdf 58页

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华 中 科 技 大 学 硕 士 学 位 论 文 Abstract With the developing of internet technology,IP video surveillance as a kind of utilizing digitalvideo technology, attractspeople’sattentionsmore andmore. Owingto the proposing of “Peaceful City” “Smart City” “Sky Eye Plan”, the establishment of moreadvancedcompressioncodingstandardandthepromoting ofnetwork coverage,IP Camerawillbewidespreadinthenearfuture.Butnewrequirementshavebeenproposed as self-adapting sharpness, interactivity, property,complexity of the designing,cost and controllability. Inthispaper, wehaveresearched andfinishedthe designofimage’scapturingand encoding of IP Camera inwoftware for its characteristics andrequirements. It contains severalaspect as input ofimage,preprocessing ofvideo image (ISP) ,video-processing subsystem (VPSS) , video coding, the data-transmission between processes for coded video , controlling for video’s parameters and consoling ,the achivement of PTZ(pan/tilt/zoom) etc.At last ,we have done a complete test which focusing on the critical function of eachmodule, verified the correctnees of design and implement .and summarizedthedirectionofimprovmentandoptimization. Basedonhisiliconhi3518 SoChardwareplatformandlinuxsoftwareplatform we , have realized module’s design through utilizing the technologies of embedded Linux system’s inter-process communication, multithread programming, Linux drivers designing,PTZandLinuxserialcommunication.Themodulecanachievethesefunctions properly such as adjusting the image parameters, real-time decoding and displaying, parameters and PTZ controlling. It can meet video surveillance ‘s requirements in fluency,clarity,interactivityandothers.

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