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美丽厦门战略规划背景下小嶝岛和谐开发模式探究-环境科学专业毕业论文.pdf 132页

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ABSTRACT The many and various types of islands contain extremely rich resources such as biological resources, mineral resources, marine energy resources, port resources, tourism resources and eco-environment resources, with inestimable value. However, disorderly development and over exploitation exist in the processes of islands development in our country. Due to the small area, simple regional structure and fragile ecosystem, the blind development and not paying attention to protection of islands will easily result in a large amount of ecological and environmental problems. Moreover, there are also differences between islands in terms of geographical position, natural resources, environment, productivity condition, development base, etc. Islands development should not adopt a unified mode. Therefore, islands exploitation and construction must be combined with the specific circumstances of different islands, exploring a scientific, reasonable and effective development mode, and strengthening the development and management of island resources, in order to achieve maximum economic, social and ecological benefits. With the Beautiful Xiamen Strategic Planning, Xiamen will make the “Grand Gulf, Great Mountain and Sea, Large Garden” as three development strategies, realizing the integration construction inside and outside the island. As matters stand, compared with Xiamen Island and Gulangyu Islet, Xiaodeng Island is far behind in terms of infrastructure level, port construction, tourism development, economic and social development level, etc., but it has an advantageous geogr

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