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Introductory_R_A_Beginner‘s_Guide_to_Data_Visualisation,statistical analysis and programming in R介绍R-初学者指南数据可视化,在R统计分析和编程.pdf 464页

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Table of Contents Preface How to use this book Acknowledgements Chapter 1: A first R session What is R? A first R session Chapter 2: Basics Commands, obj ects and functions Functions Vectors, Matrices and Data Frames Data types and Data frames Choosing data: subscripts and subsetting Packages Chapter 3: Importing Data and Record Keeping Importing Data Record Keeping Script Editors What to Save Chapter 4: Decrypting the Help Files and Error Messages Using the help files Error messages and other problems Chapter 5: Graphs Scatterplots Drawing curves Plots of Variables by Factors Using transparency in your graphs More Graphics Functions Exporting Graphics Going Further with your Graphs Exercises Chapter 6: Basic Statistical Concepts Populations and Samples Descriptive and exploratory statistics Standard errors and confidence intervals Chapter 7: What is statistical testing? The problem Statistical testing in a nutshell How a statistical test works What statistical testing does and doesn't tell us Chapter 8: The Chi-squared Test and a Classic Dataset on Smoking and Cancer Are lung cancer patients who smoke more likely to be heavy smokers? Are lung cancer patients more likely to be smokers than the controls? Chapter 9: Comparing immune responses between two caterpillar species using a t-test Assumptions and limitations of standard parametric statistics Importing the Data Descriptives and Initial Exploration Comparing Two Means With a t-test Chapter 10: Correlation analysis Chapter 11: Using Linear Regr


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