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Irrationally_Yours__On_Missing_Socks,_Pickup_Lines,_and_Other_Existential_Puzzles_-_Dan_Ariely不合理的你的——丢失的袜子,拾起的线,和其他存在的谜题.pdf 233页

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2 Dedication To the oddities, complexities, and beauty of human nature 3 Contents Dedication Introduction Based on “Ask Ariely” column in The Wall Street Journal On Escalation of Commitments On the Art and Joy of Saying No On Netflix Dissatisfaction On Dieting On Forgotten and Forgiven Loans On Marriage and Economic Models On Social Networks and Social Norms On Kopi Luwak Coffee On Wedding Ring Woes On Social Violations and Tattle-Telling On Variety as a Memory Enhancement On the Benefits of a Crowded Space On Hiring a Good (and Free) Advisor On the Garlic Effect On Giving to the Poor On Grandparents and Agendas On Outsmarting Bathroom Goers On Gossip as a Social Coordination Mechanism On Friends with Benefits On Ruminating While Running On the Joy of Getting Things Done On the Art of Multitasking On Calling Home On Toasts and the Ideal Superstition On Pickup Lines and Compliments On the Illusion of Labor On Misery and Shared Humanity On Flashy Cars On Dressing Down On Exploring the Unknown On Trying Out Relationships On Divorce and Good Decisions On Investing in Financial Advisors 4 On Justice and Sharing Food with Squirrels On Social Life and the Internet On Expectations in Dating and Hiring On Learning to Be Better Decision Makers (Maybe) On the Power of Expectations On Communicating Safety On the Perfect Gift On Eating Lessons and Kids On Useful Complaining On Prices and Bidding Frenzy On Transmission of Stress, and Caring for the Old On Luck as a Multiple-Stage Number Game On Socks and the Psychology of the Supernatural On Tithing On Midlife Clichés On Cheaters and Alibis On Breakfast Regrets On Nighttime Activities On Playing Parents On Joint Accounts On the Bordeaux

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