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聚乙二醇介质中硫脲衍生物及聚合物支载磺酸催化下氨基烃基-2-萘酚的合成-高分子化学与物理专业毕业论文.pdf 119页

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1-amidoalkyl-2-naphthols via the same three-component condensation reaction using soluble poly(ethyleneglycol)-bound sulfonic acid has been developed. The functionalized poly(ethylene glycol) acted simultaneously as catalyst in the condensation. The workup was easy, and the products were obtained in good to excellent yields and high purities. 3. Diselenides were synthesized by the reaction of sodium borohydride, selenium powder and halohydrocarbon in the media of PEG-400. At the same time, the PEG-400 do the role of surfactant. Sodium borohydride and halohydrocarbon can be dissolved while it ensure good energy change and mass transfer with the reaction. The toxic hydrogen selenide gas was reduced, while the utilization of sodium borohydride was over a lot when the PEG-400 instead of ethanol. More importantly, ethanol could cause decomposition of sodium borohydride, and PEG-400 combines the dual nature of alcohol and ether, The former guarantees the expected reaction to be able to successfully carry out when alkali was present. The latter weakens the decomposition of sodium borohydride. Keywords: Green synthesis; Polyethylene glycol; Thiourea; Thiosemicarbazide; Supported sulfonic acid catalyst; 1-Amidoalkyl-2-naphthol; Three components; Diaryl diselenides. V

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