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数值数学,MATLAB 书籍】 Elementary Numerical Mathematics for Programmers (2016.pdf 222页

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Compact Textbooks in Mathematics Gisbert Stoyan Agnes Baran Elementary Numerical Mathematics for Programmers and Engineers Compact Textbooks in Mathematics Compact Textbooks in Mathematics This textbook series presents concise introductions to current topics in math- ematics and mainly addresses advanced undergraduates and master students. The concept is to offer small books covering subject matter equivalent to 2- or 3-hour lectures or seminars which are also suitable for self-study. The books pro- vide students and teachers with new perspectives and novel approaches. They feature examples and exercises to illustrate key concepts and applications of the theoretical contents. The series also includes textbooks specifically speaking to the needs of students from other disciplines such as physics, computer science, engineering, life sciences, finance. • compact: small books presenting the relevant knowledge • learning made easy: examples and exercises illustrate the application of the contents • useful for lecturers: each title can serve as basis and guideline for a 2-3 hours course/lecture/seminar More information about this series at /series/11225 Gisbert Stoyan • Agnes Baran Elementary Numerical Mathematics for Programmers and Engineers Gisbert Stoyan Agnes Baran Faculty of Informatics Faculty of Informatics ELTE University University of Debrecen Budapest, Hungary Debrecen, Hungary Revised translation from the Hungarian language edition: Numerikus matematika mérnököknek és programozóknak by Gisbert Stoyan, © Typotex kft, 2007 All Rights Reserved. MATLABr is a registered trademark of The MathWorks, Inc. ISSN 2296-4568 ISSN 2296-455X


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