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用于细胞体外培养的聚乙烯醇水凝胶力学性能模拟及定量控制-化学专业毕业论文.pdf 48页

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重庆大学硕士学位论文 英文摘要 ABSTRACT In recent years, the effect of micro - mechanical environment on the biological behaviors of cells attracted widespread attention. A variety of cell biological behaviors, such as cell morphological adjustment, migration orientation changes, proliferation and differentiation changes, were influenced by rigidity of adhesion substrate for most tissue cells which were anchorage dependent in vivo. These biological behaviors were closely related to many physiological and pathological processes. Biochemical environment and biophysical environment were two key problems needed to be solved in constructing a cell culture model in vitro to simulate the cell growth environment. The former part had been gradually improved by biologists and medical scientists, and substrate rigidity was most notably of effects of biophysical factors. Mathematical simulation and quantitative control of substrate for cell culture in vitro would be the core of this work. Hydrogels are water - soluble polymers which have the very similar water content to macromolecular compounds in vivo, they have been widely used as biomedical materials as their better biocompatibility. A polyvinylalcohol (PVA) hydrogel which used as substrate material for cell culture in vitro to study respond rules of cell to mechanical environment was prepared by chemical cross - linking method. Glutaraldehyde was used in this study as the crosslinker to prepare saturated PVA hydrogel which improved the mechanical strength and thermal stability of the film, and a small amount of glutaraldehyde had the function of sterilization and disinfection. Glutaraldehyde


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