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用于组合导航的SAR图像匹配方法研究-飞行器设计专业毕业论文.pdf 59页

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哈尔滨工业大学工学硕士学位论文 Abstract With the development of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) technology, INS/SAR integrated navigation system is widely used. In this paper, we will elementarily investigate image matching algorithm and guidance scheme of it. Primary test is also done to validate the matching algorithm. Development and application of SAR is summarized. Moreover, two different terrain feature navigation concepts and the development of image matching algorithm are introduced. By means of theoretical analysis and relevant comparison experiments, we found a Canny Algorithm adaptive to SAR image extraction from the algorithms which adaptive to image feature extraction in optics. Some rectifying schemes used in practical application are also proposed, and get preferable performance in feature extraction. Several Hausdorff Distance Algorithms are analyzed in detail when choosing the main algorithm of image feature matching. Comparing the merits and demerits and application limitation of different algorithms, primary matching schemes are made. And then according to the condition that rotation error appears in image matching navigation, we make some analyses and demonstrations which are the basis of elementary image matching guidance scheme. Experiments results indicate that delicate job in making template and real- time image interception is helpful to improve matching performance. Also, it is proved that there is a huge diversity in the matching performance between matching template with real-time image and matching real-time i


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