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用于网络监管的社交网络可视化分析工具的设计与实现-软件工程专业毕业论文.pdf 74页

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DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF SOCIAL NETWORK VISUALIZATION AND ANALYSIS TOOLS FOR NETWORK INSPECTION ABSTRACT In modern society ,with the explosive expansion of the Internet, network based communications have replaced the traditional mail and phone busyness and have became the major communication methods of the people, and a virtual society appeared on the network as well. Every society needs monitoring and managing, a network monitoring system is a system that would detect and handle the harmful or illegal online behaviors in the virtual society. With the new requirements of the social network analyze of virtual subject, most system can not fulfill these requirements, specific analyze tools must be developed. This paper is to design and develop a visualized social network analyzing tool based on an existed network inspection system. By analyzing communication data, it shows a social network structure of a specific subject. It’s a powerful support for virtual society management. The work as follows: first to gather the user requirements of the visualized social network analyze based on the existing network inspection system, and clearly separated into functional and none functional parts. Then to analyze those requirements, by analyzing the special requirements of the development tools and the system scheme has been decided. Then we work on the high level design of the system in both hardware and software. We finished the deployment design and the software architecture. In the high level design stage,two important part of the system have been researched carefully. One is to make the decision of which visualization tools to cho

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