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用于肺癌辅助诊断的电子鼻研究与设计-电气工程专业毕业论文.pdf 65页

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摘 要 件设计、电子鼻系统软件设计以及电子鼻系统的仿真实现与验证,仿 真过程通过Protues 软件实现,仿真结果证明该方案是可行的。 希望本文能够为肺癌辅助诊断电子鼻系统的研发和应用提供参 考,特别是推动现有同类产品的改进和相关新产品的开发。 关键词:电子鼻,金属氧化物气敏传感器,肺癌,呼吸检测,辅助诊 断 II ABSTRACT RESEARCH ON DESIGN OF AN ELECTRONIC NOSE FOR INSTRUMENT-AIDED DIAGNOSIS OF LUNG CANCER ABSTRACT Incidence of lung cancer shows a rapid rise in recent years, and due to the low rate of early diagnosis, lung cancer has become a serious threat to people's health and life. Early diagnosis of lung cancer and screening in high-risk population is the key to reducing the mortality of lung cancer. It currently lacks simple and effective lung cancer early diagnosis and dynamic monitoring means on clinic. Breath detection diagnosis makes auxiliary diagnosis by detecting the component changes of the volatile organic compounds(VOC) in human respiratory gases. For its non-invasive, convenient, and fast features, breath diagnosis is gradually becoming a new diagnostic means. Due to early detection of lung cancer at an early and treatable stage, it reduces the mortality of lung cancer significantly. And it is expected to become a new means for early diagnosis of lung cancer. In this thesis, a modular design of a novel breath detecting electronic nose based on metal oxide semiconductor(MOS) sensors is presented. Which implements high-precision detection of the lung cancer diagnostic markers in breath. It is expected that this e-nose can distinguishes lung cancer patients and normal people effectively, and provide a new diagnostic tool for early diagnosis of lung cancer. To begin with, the thesis presents a few cases which successfully detect the human diseases through analysis of exhaled breat


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