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用于跨平台多媒体播放器的平台抽象层的设计和实现-软件工程专业毕业论文.pdf 58页

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通过分析跨平台多媒体播放器的开发周期可知,平台抽象层能提高 多媒体播放器在多个平台的开发效率;对跨平台播放器性能分析和用户 体验的反馈结果的分析表明,播放器的效率虽有下降,但是在可接受的 范围内,并且能使用户在不同的平台得到一致的用户体验。因而基于平 台抽象层的设计方法是具有可行性和有效性的。 关键词:多媒体播放器,跨平台,平台抽象层,模块化,C/C++ 第 II 页 Design and Implementation Of PAL For Cross-Platform Multimedia Player ABSTRACT Multimedia player is the software applied widely to various platforms including PC, handset devices and set-top boxes. Traditionally, multimedia player is regarded as the application which is tight coupling with the platform, so we are always lack of cross-platform view when we design and implement it and it causes that the design and implementation phases will be repeated totally while porting the player to another platform. It will increase unnecessary development workload and even cause different user experience of same player in different platforms. This paper presents a new design method to resolve this problem, and it is to design several modules depending on the workflow of the multimedia player, analyze the platform dependency of each module and abstract the common cross-platform interface which is called PAL: Platform Abstraction Layer. Platform abstraction layer represents one the most important principles of software design: delving into the depths of software reveals more information or, conversely, lower level details are hidden to offer a simpler model at higher level[1]. The use of such layers or abstractions is a principle technique for designing sophisticated software system. But platform abstraction layer itself is a new concept without mature cases in software industry. This paper tries to verify the feasibility and validity of the platform abstracti


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