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The last hidden world 最后一个隐秘的世界 The walking-track of life is an encounter. 生命的行走是一场邂逅。 And there is a city ,you might come across a new " You". 而这个城市会让你遇见一个全新的自己。 That is Hangzhou. Who is Hangzhou? She is a cup of Longjin tea. 她是一杯明前的龙井。 Light but reflash. 淡淡的,却沁人心脾。 Stop in a pavilion of the hustle and bustle street,sit on a bamboo chair,taste a tip of Longjin tea,enjoy the peace of these little green leaves. 于喧嚣的街市中找一个亭子,搬一张竹椅,品一口龙井,享受这小绿叶中的宁静。 This is a delicate city which displays a verve of painting.The ink has never been diluted for thousands of years. 这是一个精致的城市,带着一种水墨画的神韵,千百年来这墨香都从未被冲淡过 The dusk time, the snow of the broken bridge,the misty rain in westlake...All that make you palpitates with excitement eager. 这薄暮中的黄昏,覆着残雪的断桥,烟雨蒙蒙的西湖,一切的一切都会让你怦然心动。 Yes, you are right .it is the magic city... Standing on the bund of shanghai,here,is the most attractive trade center. The other side, is a unique style of building which is smooth, with historic temperature and texture. 站在外滩,此岸,是上海最有魅力的贸易中心。彼岸,是一座座异域风格的百年建筑,平和却带着历史的温度和质感 The spirit of Shanghai is not in the forest of skyscrapers,it is in the twists and turns of alleies. Shanghai is very old,it is like an old man,walking along the riverside in the chaos of the sunset . 上海很老,就像一个像一个在混沌的夕阳里沿着江边散步的老人。 Shanghai is new,everyday there are people stepping on the first foot print.The dream to be folded, packed into each backpack. It is like a sleeping hero. Shanghai is a noisy and quiet city, is a modern and historical city, is a city of hope and despair, all this is to express to you... City makes life better. DALI (大理) Famous scenic spots: The Three pagodas,The Cangshang mountains,The Erhai lake Flavour food:The cake thread The three pagodas(三塔) cake thread (饵丝) Central China Jiangxi Anhui Hunan Hubei Henan Shanxi Jiangxi Province -history Jiangxi Province -culture Jiangxi Province -tourism Jiangxi Province -tourism Anhui Province Hunan Provi


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