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2008年-2011年全国大学生英语竞赛C类真题及答案.docx 50页

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2008 National English Contest for College Students(Level C Preliminary)Part II Vocabulary and Structures (10 minutes, 15 marks)31. They are looking for _______ man with _______ long dark hair. He is armed and dangerous. A. a; a B. the; a C. a; / D. /; the32. It was unfortunate, but she had no _____ but to act as she did.A. chance.B. opportunityC. option D. solution33. The _____ driver thinks that accidents only happen to other people.A. generalB. usualC. commonD. average34. How did they manage to steal the Van Gogh? It was right ____ the security guard’s nose.A. belowB. beforeC. underD. beside35. The student ______ continuing his studies when he had to return to his home country unexpectedly.A. is consideringB. was consideringC. should considerD. has considered36. My friends and I enjoy doing many of the same things. In that respect, we have a lot _______.A. in similarB. in particularC. in commonD. in accordance37. Our planned visit to the United States _______ because we were unable to get the visas.A. fell overB. fell downC. fell throughD. fell on38. Lest anyone _____ it strange, let me assure you that it is quite true.A. thoughtB. should thinkC. had thoughtD. thinking39. When Sally ______ the criminal ______ her house, she screamed at the top of her voice because she didn’t want ______.A. saw; enter; killedB. saw; enter; to be killedC. sees; entering; be killedD. sees; enter; killing40. Tina’s children, _____ all live nearby, organized a big party for her eightieth birthday.A. whoB. thatC. whichD. as41. Sometimes it is necessary to be careful _______ the right date to sit for a test.A. when choosingB. when you will chooseC. when you have chosenD. when you chose42. Einstein’s theory of relativity seemed hard to believe at the time _______.A. when he first introducedB. that he first introduced itC. he first introducedD. which he first introduced it43. ________ really. I like both public transport and driving.A. On second thoughtsB. I could go either wayC. I will ne


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