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Intro to TOC ABB约束管理培训内部资料.ppt

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    Intro to TOC ABB约束管理培训内部资料

    Introduction to Theory of Constrats 约束理论 Alex D’Anci FICRC Learning Objectives Learn the basics of constraints management with the Theory of Constraints and Critical Chain Learn about ABB implementations of constraints management What is the Theory of Constraints (TOC)? TOC is a process of continuous improvement for any system. TOC is based on a common sense approach. TOC can be described as follows: A system's current performance is determined and dictated by the constraint that exists within it Performance of the system can only be improved if the constraint is opened up or removed When the constraint is removed, the system moves to higher level of performance, and immediately encounters another constraint Any effort spent on improving a non constraining element of the system will not improve the performance of the system and is a waste of money, time and effort TOC provides a simple framework for constraint analysis and a continuous improvement cycle. The Core of TOC The Theory of Constraints (TOC) is that every real system such as a profit-making enterprise must have at least one constraint. If it were not true, then the system would produce an infinite amount of whatever it strives for. In the case of a profit-making enterprise, it would be infinite profits. “What’s in it for me?” Simple method to increase business revenues Identify your best products to offer for maximum revenues Improvements are often achieved without capital equipment investments or workforce increase Reduce lead-times and improve on-time delivery Reduce work in process Reduce inventory Benefits of TOC TOC is good for your Key Performance Indicators* TTPT: 70% reduction TPT: 65% reduction OTD: 44% improvement, often to 100% Inventory: 49% reduction Production capacity: 23% increase without investments ABB implementations WIP: 50% reduction TPTT and TPT: 50% reduction Production capacity: 30% increase without investments Constraints Management in ABB These companies are already using som


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