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语文第五门课程-Elements of Language Fifth Course
Course Menu The Reading and Writing Processes o these situations sound familiar? While reading, you suddenly realize you have read the same sentences several times without D gaining any meaning from them. While writing, you stare at the single sentence you have written, unable to think of anything else to write. When you find yourself stuck, step back and look at the processes of reading and writing. Reading The reading you do in school requires you to think critically about infor- T I P Reading and mation and ideas. In order to get the most from a text, prepare your mind writing are both recur- for the task before you read, use effective strategies while you read, and sive processes—that is, take time to process the information after you read. you can return to earlier steps when needed. For ■ Before Reading Get your mind in gear by considering your purpose for example, you might reading a particular piece of writing and by thinking about what you make new predictions already know about the topic. Preview the text by skimming a bit and while you are reading a considering headings, graphics, and other features. Use this information text or you might . to predict what the text will discuss and how challenging it will be to read. d develop additional sup-


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