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2017年秋牛津译林版九年级上Unit8 grammar课件.ppt 45页

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2017年秋牛津译林版九年级上Unit8 grammar课件
He is a Hong Kong actor ________ is famous for his kongfu films, such as 12 Animal Signs. who/that It is the country _____ held the 2014 FIFA World Cup. that 二、选择题 1. I prefer songs ____ popular. A. that is B. that are C. who is D. who are 2. I like the singer ____ different kinds of music. A. that play B. who play C. who can play D. whom plays 3. (2014辽宁) Do you like music ____ makes you excited? A. that B. what C. who D. it B C A 4. (2014长春) All the children like the teachers ____ can understand them. A. who B. which C. what D. whom 5. (2014福州) The panda is a kind of animal ____ can be found only in China. A. who B. whose C. that D.where A C 三、Fill in the blanks with “ which, that, who”. 1. The girl __________ you saw just now is my sister. 2. Do you remember the words _________ we learned last years. 3. This is the watch __________ my mother gave me for my birthday. (who\that) ( that\which) that\which 4. Tom is the first boy __________ left the room. 5. Uncle Li is a person ___________ is always ready to help others. who\that who\that 1. Do you know the man_______ saved five people in the fire? (2014 宜宾) A. who B. it C. when D. whom 2. Shirley is the girl ________ taught me how to use Wechat(微信). (2014 黑龙江) A. whom B. which C. who I. Multiple Choice 3. I like the writers ___________are popular among teenagers.(2014 成都) A.who B.which C.whom 4. After Mandela was free (自由的) in 1990, he chose to shake hands with the people ________ wanted to kill him. (2014 山东) A. whose B. which C. / D. who 5. I will never forget the day____ we spent in the old town wit


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