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CORPORATE FINANCE “I discovered inance with ‘The Vernimmen’ about 30 years ago. Since then the different versions have accompanied me throughout my career and throughout the world. Not only was the alignment of the suc- cessive editions looking good in my different ofices but I must confess I have opened and cherished each of them. Whether an investment banker, a CFO in a universal bank or more simply a world banker...” Bertrand Badre, Managing Director and CFO of the World Bank “I opened my irst Vernimmen in 1982. After having spent just a few weekends reading it, I felt better equipped for my role in inancial management at Paribas. Now at Apax, the Vernimmen remains my com- panion in my search for value creation (key in the private equity industry).” Monique Cohen, Associated Director, Apax Partners “Corporate Finance is a very useful reference book for students and practitioners, it will help both to under- stand the principles of the inancial markets and their practical application in today’s complex environment. The book’s approach is both logical and sequential and presents some interesting cases that make study easier and more stimulating.” Gabriele Galateri, Chairman of Telecom Italia “Vernimmen’s Corporate Finance is an outstanding clear and complete manual, a wonderful merger of practice and theory. Its coverage of the market aspects of corporate inance distinguishes its content, but its treatment of all the material makes it essential reading for the student, inancier or industrialist.” Howard Jones, Senior Research Fellow in Finance at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford “The book itself covers all the important techniques that a inancial manager must have in his repertoire of tools. The exposition is clear and concise and, most importantly, relies on commonsense reasoning through- out. This is not a book with obscure formulae, yet is still rigorous and at the same time a model of clarity.” Richard Roll, Joel Fried Professo


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